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7 Sessions – Dance Rituals

7 Weeks, 7 Sessions from 30.01.2015 – 13.03.2015 Berlin, an initiative by Pablo Escorcia

Freitanzritual – SEMA Whirling-Dance of the Dervishes – Biodanza – 
Transparent Flow – Contact Improvisation – 5Rhythms® – Ecstatic Dance

Berlin is a city that dances. Besides the club scene and the profis, the offer for people that want to move is huge. Although difficult due to the great variety, 7 Sessions has put together a selection of the finest that Berlin has to offer.
The cross-cutting theme in this 7 Sessions is Rituals. In each session we will use one dance technique or system to engage in a modern-day ritual of connection, transformation, celebration, etc.
The main goal of these rituals is to bring the different dancing tribes together to create the context for new conversations, interactions and relations. Can you imagine all the dancers in Berlin coming together to share? It would be like the world coming together to dance!
During each session participants will engage in a hands on experience to re-discover the power of dance and the importance of rituals for everyday life.
Each of the sessions will be conducted by an expert and well recognized Berlin-based teacher.
ONE – Freietanzritual – Janos Grimm 30.01.2015
My invitation in the Freietanzritual is to create our own flowing ritual, a ritual for liberating the body, the soul, the mind. Dance is a ritual for us grownups to call back our colors, our dreams; our games. The creative body is the vehicle for all our stories to flow into shapes. I love to share the joy of life dancing. The power of a ritual is to focus our consciousness to set a frame, to give a structure, which takes us by the hand. A ritual amplifies whatever you focus. Healing process, liberation, growing, letting go, connect to people, love.
Janos Grimm hat aus verschiedenen archaischen und modernen Ansätzen die Form der freien Tanzrituale entwickelt – eine Einladung, die spirituelle und heilende Kraft des Tanzes auf spielerische Weise zu erfahren. Er verbindet verschiedene Ansätze aus den Subkulturen des Tanzens, wie Butoh, fünf Rhythmen, und anderen archaischen und modernen Tänzen, welche die Aufmerksamkeit auf elementare und kreative Erlebnisformen legen. Aus den weiten Dimensionen der Philosophie und der Psychologie sprudelt ein immer neues Interesse für erweiterte Bewusstseinszustände, für Träume, für Trance und Ekstase, die in unserer Welt hier und jetzt lebbar sind.
TWO – SEMA – Whirling-Dance of the Dervishes – Emrah Gencaslan 06.02.2015
The turning of the Dervishes is called Sema. And Sema does not mean rotate or dancing but listening. The very first experience of man in the womb is listening, hearing the mother’s heartbeat. With every breath and moment is our heart what we listen throughout our life. But we are not aware of it; we do not hear, because we are blunted, the material around us drowns out everything else. The aim of Sema is to find this original hearing of the essence of our being, to find the voice of our heart again.
Sema-teacher and Sufi Emrah Gencaslan invites beginners and advanced students, women and men of all ages to listen to his heart.
THREE – Biodanza – Pablo Escorcia 13.02.2015
Moving away from fitness centered or eroticized dance techniques, Biodanza proposes a way to deepen the search for authentic movement and coherence in life. From individual dances, to pair and group exercises, Biodanza is the ideal choice for people who enjoy free dancing, real connection, great music and the power of metaphors. Biodanza is the dance of life and joy. Each session is a complete transformational experience that nurtures the seed of authenticity and awakens the courage to live life to the fullest.
Pablo Escorcia is a Biodanza teacher, consultant and life coach that has worked in 4 continents and in more than 30 countries supporting individuals and organizations to connect with their purpose and find more meaning in their lives. He is the creator of 7 sessions.
FOUR – Transparent flow – Izabela Brzozowska 20.02.2015
Transparent Flow is a way to your inner truth, your inner dance of life who you really are. An integrative way back to uncover your intuition and transparent flow of living on the level of your body, emotions, mind and consciousness. Discovering your natural way of being and relating to yourself through deep communication and body work.
Izabela Brzozowska is dedicated to consciousness development through enquiry in oneself and in contact with others. Her work is a way of uniting the discovery of ones programs and patterns in a way of unschooling, like an unformed child, and the growing consciousness of taking responsibility for oneself and who we really are. Her spiritual teachers are Thomas Hübl and Amma. She experienced intensive trainings in body work and intuitive movement.
FIVE – Contact/improvisation – Jennie Zimmermann 27.02.2015
Contact Improvisation is a fluid dance form and exploration based on a spontanuous physical dialogue, playing with the underlying principles that govern the relationship of moving bodies like falling, rolling, sliding, weight exchange and being in and out of balance. Contact Improvisation invites us to listen and see with our body and mind, to dive into research and flow, to experience connection and to stay with our own needs entering a relaxed state of activity.
Jennie Zimmermann is a movement researcher. Inspired from therapeutic work as a naturopath and as artist performing in street theater, essential influences for her work come from Contact Improvisation.
SIX – The 5Rhythms® – Marieke Klaren 06.03.2015
The 5Rhythms®is a Dance and Movement practice that brings awareness to all that moves in you and around you. It is bringing your inside outside; through movement, through breath, through a tremendous interest and curiosity… just fall back into your feet and follow, your unique dance will unfold by itself.
Marieke Klaren is a certified 5Rhythms® teacher and a trainer in creativeMOVEment. Throughout the years she has been trained in different fields of dance and movement and creative/personal development. Marieke is Dutch and lives and works in Berlin.
SEVEN – Ecstatic Dance – Pascal de Lacaze-Duthiers & Ronny Korneli 13.03.2015
Ecstatic Dance is a freeform movement space where rhythms of the world weave together a community. This community re-invents an urban ritual that allows us to express through dance what needs to be expressed. And explore what wants to be experienced. Joy, fear, anger, passion, sorrow and pleasure are all in the house, dancing their asses off.
In a smokefree and shoefree space the DJ plays a 90 minute wave. Starting slow and relaxed, building up speed gradually, peaking with high energy music and slowly coming down again. In the end a musician plays 15 min of live chillout music to bring the souls back to earth.
Ecstatic Dance Berlin is facilitated by yoga teacher & mime Ronny Korneli and musician & life coach Pascal de Lacaze-Duthiers.

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